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No compromises. No shortcuts. No excuses. That’s what Beavertail stands behind, and that’s what you’ll find in their full-line of products including aluminum duck/fishing boats, sneak boats, surface drive and long tail mud motors, ATV trailers, lay down hunting blinds, hay bale blinds and boat blinds.
When it comes to boats, Beavertail makes the toughest, most thought out design ever to hit the water, and they call their backwater motors their “no questions asked, get you anywhere and back, mud flingin,’ weed eatin,’ workhorses.”

Beavertail blinds are built for comfort, function and quality, whether you’re setting up in a field or in your boat. When you purchase Beavertail, you’ll see for yourself why they remain on top of their game.

Beavertail is proud to offer USA members a large volume discount on their full-line of products.

How To Use Your Discount
Call 1-877-466-8837 and ask for Deb Fiedler or Tracy Otto or email or Whether placing an order by phone or email, provide the following promotional code: GUNNER

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