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Bloodvein River Outfitters Ltd. is a well-established outfitting operation located in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada. Offering bear hunts, fall goose hunts and white-tailed deer hunts – there are plenty of hunting adventures that await you.

Bloodvein River Outfitters is owned and operated by Nick Arseniuk of UA Local 254, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

How To Use Your Discount

Bloodvein River Outfitters is proud to offer all USA members 15% off all hunts. Please call Nick Arseniuk at 204.345.8002 and let him know you are a USA member.

Exclusive USA Members Discount Code:

Please call Nick Arseniuk at 204.345.8002 to get your 15% discount
**Travel/outfitters listed on the USA website offer a special discount to USA members. Some are union member-owned and some are not. Without first-hand experience, the USA cannot make claims about the quality of these businesses. Inclusion on our website doesn’t represent an endorsement by the USA. We strongly suggest that you request references and research any outfitter (not just those listed here) before booking a trip.

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