What Brotherhood Outdoors is All About

The United States of America is built on the backs of tireless union laborers – resilient workhorses with an undying dedication to the progress of this great nation. Every day, these hardworking men and women charge forward to fulfill their duty to the Land of the Free. They punch in before the sun. They punch out with a sweat soaked brow and a hunger for more. They are industrious by character with resumes measured by the calluses on their hands.

Every year, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance selects a handful of deserving union members to take part in their beloved outdoor heritage on a hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime. These proud sons and daughters of the union share a passion for the outdoors and a common purpose that drives the very pulse of America.

These are their stories.

This is the “Brotherhood Outdoors.”

Inspiring stories, amazing destinations, adrenaline-pumping pursuits, aggressive fish and stealthy game combine in “Brotherhood Outdoors” for a series that will have you itching to get back in the woods or on the water.

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