USA Gun A Week Sweepstakes


Thanks to your generous donations the 2018 USA Calendar is out of stock.

Do your part to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage by making a donation to support the USA’s mission. To show our appreciation, we’ll send you the USA’s 2018 calendar, which is a great way to get entered in the USA’s $175,000+ Sportsmen’s Sweepstakes. Order your calendar and enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win two guns every week, a John Deere Gator, a Tracker Grizzly boat, and outdoor adventures worth $10,000 each.

Partners that make a donation of $4,000 will receive 100 calendars and those that donate $2,000 will receive 50 calendars, which may be sold for a suggested retail price of $50 to raise funds for their cause while also supporting the USA. In addition, partners that donate $4,000 by Sept. 1, 2017 will receive one union-made Remington 870 Express 12-gauge shotgun or Remington 783 rifle with scope (partner’s choice), and partners that donate $2,000 by Sept. 1, 2017 will receive a U.S. made Carhartt jacket. One free firearm per $4,000 donation, while supplies last.


Online calendar registration is available until April 15, 2018. Only mail-in registrations will be accepted after that date. Entries registered after Jan. 1 will only be included in drawings that occur after the registration date.



Two guns every week, a Tracker Grizzly boat worth $25,000, five 5-gun packages worth nearly $5,000 each, four outdoor adventures worth $10,000 – it’s all part of the USA’s 2018 Sportsmen’s Sweepstakes worth more than $175,000. When you register your 2018 USA calendar, you will be entered to win nearly 120 prizes throughout the year! Beginning Thursday, January 4, 2018, prize winners will be drawn each week for 52 weeks. Sweepstakes entrants are eligible to win multiple prizes!