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Present Arms Inc VIP Pricing

December 18, 2019 in Deals & Discounts, Feature, Gear

Present Arms Inc. is a 100% Veteran Owned manufacturer of USA Made Firearms Workstations. Their workstations enhance your ability to clean, maintain, assemble and disassemble your magazine fed pistols and AR 15 type rifles. Their product is made of heavy-duty PVC and it won’t mar your weapon or hold stains. The workstations are used by military services, many police forces, three letter government agencies and recreational shooters. Present Arms Inc is proud to offer USA members 15% discount pricing. Visit: and use code USA15 when placing your order.

Eurooptic Offers USA Members VIP Pricing

November 4, 2019 in Deals & Discounts, Feature, Gear

Eurooptic began in the 1980s as an online retailer specializing in European sport optics. Since then the company has diversified considerably but remains focused on high performance gear. Whether you’re a police sniper or bird watcher, Eurooptic offers the best available equipment for you to be successful at what you do. Top selling lines include: Accuracy International, Sako, Blaser, Schmidt Bender, Swarovski Optik, Nightforce and Carl Zeiss Sport Optics.

Eurooptic is proud to offer USA members VIP pricing.

Contact for help setting up your member benefits.