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    Clayton Bolton

    OK, its not what ya think. Ma’s aging mind… well let’s just say isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Sometimes her stories… turn out to be just that…stories. So about 6 months ago I put a game camera out in the hangar by the house to catch a glimpse of the “kids” running thru stealing stuff on a regular basis. Nothing was ever missing but this was a good way to ease her mind. But while glancing thru the normal 300 or so pics the camera takes every week this past Tues, I found several shots of an unknown person & his pick-up complete with visible license plate. He was only there for 4 minutes according to the time stamp, but long enough to load the DR Trimmer mower & drive off. When the local Sheriff’s Dept came to fill out the report, they were actually rather surprised at the quality & detail of the pics. They drove to his house in the next town, arrested the man (he was currently on parole) & recovered the mower. Don’t have a lot of details, but the Deputy said he’d be locked up for a long time. Think I’ll buy a few more cameras to spread around the property



    I know many folks who have put up game cams and other surveillance.  It sucks that we have to bother.  I have a good friend who has a cottage on a secluded lake that put a couple game cams up after several burglaries.  He put one, ten feet up in a tree looking down.  That one got stolen!  Problem for the thief……he missed the one in plain sight which caught him red handed.  Like your incident, my friend got some satisfaction to prosecute the guy and get some of his things back.

    We should all understand that whatever we do……we could be on cam.  Maybe thieves will think twice.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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