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    Needs armor

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    My 10-year old would like to order one of each. Any chance we can get these shipped to arrive before Christmas?


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    I would love to have that Ranger up here in the winter. That would be a coyote killing machine on the frozen Northern Maine lakes.


    There’s just something about a Deere, any Deere


    What do you think the cutting swath is on this thing? Doesn’t have to be much since it’s easier to mow the whole yard with a foot of snow on it!


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    Think this one’s battery powered too


    Man, every time I stuck the Jeep, I sure wished I had one of these


    Weighs approx 4500 lbs, puts out approx 345,000 lbs of thrust at sea level (375K in a vacuum) and runs on kerosene and liquid OX.


    This would be a sweet little thing to strap on to my kids’ sled when we get a little snow in the neighborhood 🙂



    Would need a big fuel tank Mike, It’s kinda’ thirsty


    Fair enough but what a great ride! If you lit the candle on this sucker I’m afraid I wouldn’t find my until the next state.


    Find yer what Mike? :bug: Oh yea, this is a family oriented site.


    kids…I meant to say kids!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 220 total)

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