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    Clayton Bolton

    Well… maybe. Something rather rudely woke me up earlier in the week from a very sound sleep. I really didn’t know what happened at the moment other than it hurt. All I knew was something hit me in the head. I thought something fell off the top of the headboard, or the ceiling caved in, or maybe the Chinese Space Lab crashed… While lying there, still in somewhat of a 3 am daze, I decided to have a look in the mirror. I was kinda’ shocked. Wife woke up… and you guessed it… she was shocked. I looked like the Monster Energy Drink monster took a swipe across my face. Maybe it came out from under the bed? OK, something must have spooked the wife’s cat and it did a four wheel burnout across my face. I have no idea where her attack was launched from or what provoked her, but I’m ready to by a hockey mask.

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    Scott Walsh



    Clayton Bolton

    Healed up pretty good. Only a handful of red lines instead of bloody scab lines now. The cat has been pardoned. After all…it is the wife’s cat. Sometimes ya just gotta…



    Have been MIA lately, but holy shit! I’m surprised you didn’t take the cat out on the porch with your shotgun and said “pull”.  Glad you pardoned it, and are still married…LOL.  I’m kidding really…..I love my kitties.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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