It would be nice to have a trapping or small game topic line.

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    Well there is no spot to post in this form. I am a cage traper in Washington state. This is my 2nd season trapping and making cage traps. As a Sheetmetal/Welder in Local 66 i love to make cage traps and catch critters. This year was a good season 14 beavers, 5 spotted skunks, 4 bobcats, 13 Opossums, 4 Otters. I am planning to make pillows and a blanket for my self and pillow for my niece.  The trap with the Otter is my swim thru I made. The skunk in the little trap I made to. Conibears triggers set the traps off no need for pans. Works alot better I think. Nothing gets by them. Hope you like the pictures.

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    Clayton Bolton

    Love the critter pics. Brings back memories, except for the otter. Can’t touch ’em in Cali. I’d just throw this kinda’ stuff into the Lounge. Everything fits there. Body traps & snares have been outlawed here, so we either shoot our critters or live trap ’em. I miss using Conibears  on beav.



    I agree with Clay, just put anything that doesn’t fit into the lounge.  Man, I wish I could have a guy like you in my neck of the woods.  You wouldn’t believe the beaver population in and around my property.  Its tough though.  I brought my cousin down to hunting camp to trap beaver once and although we caught over 20 beaver and a few otter, he won’t come back because of how remote it is.  The only way to really do it, is to stay right at camp for a week and check traps daily.  Going in and out every 4th day is too hard to travel in, break ice, and clean and set back.  Not sure where youre at but we sometimes were chipping through 6 inches of ice on every set.  The beavers are such a nuisance during deer hunting season.  They back the water up in traditional hunting spots.  To make matters worst……we just found out the the local game warden has been dropping off live nuisance beavers that he live trapped, into the bog stream.  It is easy access 3 miles away, but they swim up the stream to our property.

    Glad to see a trapper on here.  Trappers keep the population of fur bearing wildlife in check.  Keep up the good work Brother.




    Clayton Bolton

    Now all we need is for them to be in season…



    Right on. I will fill it up ASAP. Thanks come on November.


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