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    It just doesn’t seem like three years ago. But starting Monday 4/17, we begin our contract negotiations with the company. We have been meeting twice a week for the last couple of months preparing proposals in anticipation of what the company may come after to weaken our CBA and our union. This will be my second time sitting across the table. We felt very prepared for this go around until last Monday. That’s when the company announced they were shutting down all manufacturing operations at our facility. 1,100 jobs will be gone within the next two years and the majority of them by the middle of next year. It’s sad and scary at the same time. This place has been in the aerospace business for 70 years. The company is not going out of business, they are just moving their operations out of the Sacramento area with most of it going to other states. But, as long as there is at least one bargaining unit member still employed at this facility, we are going to fight for the best contract possible. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be around to fight for another after this one.


    Wow…negotiations will end (maybe) a month before our CBA expires. The company had put an early deadline on ratification. If we make it on time, we’ll all receive a signing bonus to be paid now, and separation pay when laid-off. It will also include paid medical for 4 months after termination. This is tough. How do you negotiate a contract for plant closure? The company says they’re tapped out, but that’s always their ploy. We got more than we expected  under the circumstances. We are getting a better deal than salary is gonna get. But still it doesn’t seem like its enough. We have members that have been here 40 yrs and are gonna get kicked to the curb. But it seems a lot of the members have no interest in walking, so the is no leverage there, even though there are pretty heavy contracts that have to be finished on time. Seems the consensus is, take all you can get now while its here, including overtime. Why does it matter, the end is near anyway, so don’t fight it. It really makes it tough for us negotiators to convince the company their screwed if they don’t give us what we asked for. We’ll just have to see how the vote goes. Maybe members will wake up a little by next Wednesday…


    It’s done! We had over 85% of our members vote in a new 3 year contract. Sad part is,  less than 1/4 of those (us) will still be here in three years. Even though the contract has been ratified, there’s still a lot of work for us to do. Half of our negotiators are also zone stewards (me included) so the battle’s begin in contract enforcement as well.

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