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    Clayton Bolton

    I truly believe hunters/outdoors-men are just a special breed of people. I had ordered two items from an outdoor warehouse company. Something for the wife and something for me. Delivery was guaranteed for 12/22. The wife’s gift showed, but my decoy sled didn’t. I figured it was because of it’s size. Got a knock at my front gate early this afternoon. I surmised it was my delivery. It was, just not how I expected. A camo clad figure peering over the gate asked me if I was a duck hunter. Somewhat confused by the question, I replied I was. Turns out, this guy had purchased two of the same decoy sleds I had ordered and mine was delivered to his house along with his order. Finding my name and address on the shipping label, he decided to deliver it to me.  I thanked him and asked where he lived. I was expecting the reply to be somewhere nearby. Come to find out, he lives almost twenty miles away in another city. He had gone out hunting this morning and knew he would be passing nearby the city I live in so he decided to just drop it by. When I mentioned he went way beyond the call, his reply was: “not really, its just the way its supposed to be.” We spent the next twenty minutes swapping huntin’ stories before his departure. “Merry Christmas ALL”


    Redneck Ron

    Merry Christmas to my Union Brothers Sisters and their families with a special shout to veterans and the military.  We look into to the future with Hope and High Expectations into the New Year–May your Fishing Lines be tight, Sights lined up and you get the fishing/hunting trip you want.  .  We and others are the sportsmen and sportswomen of this great country–find time to live a dream or give a dream to another.  God Bless

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