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    Redneck Ron

    My son Ronald Jr married a beautiful young women in the Jemez Mountains on June 10.  A first for us-ain’t nothin like to bring dang near your whole kitchen to the mountains to cook and entertain people for a couple days.  Then get back and unload everything the garage.  What a mess,,,

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    Clayton Bolton

    Congrats Ron! Hope she’s not too squeamish around dead critters…



    June 10th is special to me because it is my birthday, but beyond that….it will be forever a date in your families history.  I look at the pictures provided and will give my thoughts.

    Obviously, she is beautiful, and a catch for the lowest of our standards of outdoorsmen.  That being said…..your son is at the top of that standard.  I hope that the two of them recognize the help.



    Redneck Ron

    Thank you Clay-she can cook up fish better anybody else can.  It makes my wife Jealous.

    Thank you Mike!!!  Happy Birthday and may you have many of June 10ths to celebrate in your life and be surrounded by friend/family to celebrate the occasions with.

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    That’s a good looking couple! Congrats about the wedding and my condolences about the clean up. 🙂



    Redneck Ron

    Now I a getting ready for the Colorado Mountains and looking forward to some R and R.  I hope cell phones don’t work where I am going but my luck my wife will be able to reach me.



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