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    Not my first or best, but it is a buck nonetheless.  A short midweek morning sit presented a perfect opportunity to put some meat in the freezer!  Nov 9, 2016 at Foothills State forest outside Backus, MN

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    Clayton Bolton

    Congrats Todd. They’re all trophies to me, no matter how big (or small) it is. I like freezer meat too.


    Redneck Ron

    You don’t need a trophy to put meat in the Freezer and bet it will be tender meat.


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    “Trophy” Hunting is over rated.  We need to focus on the roots of hunting, and that is to put food on the table.  Great job.  Congrats.


    What was a first for me on this buck was heart and liver – never forced to eat liver as a kid, so I have no bad memories/experiences to get past.  Fried with caramelized onions was delicious!

    I marinated the heart and pan-fried it up the next day.  This is a go-to recipe for me from now on!


    Clayton Bolton

    Until a handful of years ago, the heart never made it outta camp. Always pan fried it up as part of the kill celebration. Then one year on a last day, last light solo hunt kill in nasty WX, I took the heart home and cooked it up there to share with my wife. After that, I was instructed to ALWAYS bring the heart home.

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