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    Ash McDaniel

    Hi everyone, I am very concerned with where our government is heading with our public land.  I grew up hunting and fishing on public lands and still enjoy using them to this day and hope generations to come can and will use them ! But our public lands are being threatened and all of us need to stand up and say no, we will not give up our land.  This land unites us as a country, it is our land to hunt,fish,camp, hike or do whatever to enjoy nature and this wonderful country at its purest form.  Please help by signing, watch the video if you don’t understand or have not been informed of the current issue going on with our land.  I hope this is not against the rules on this site to post this, but I feel this is very important so I thought I would do it and take the chance. here is the link

    Thank you again.


    Redneck Ron

    This happened a few weeks ago during New Mexico legislative session.   We had a nice little walk around Santa Fe and went into the round house for those to say their part.

    Posted by New Mexico Wildlife Federation on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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