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    Well I wasn’t going to hunt ducks this season, because I was trapping alot. My buddy John and Trace never bagged a Hari or longtail. So this was Johns last hunt in Washington. The both of them are in the Army and are tracfering to Texas. We only had one day to pull it off. I was hoping for good weather and is was beautiful. The Hari’s came right in. All 3 of use bagged nice drakes and at the end of the day. We ended up with 3 harli’s, 6 surf scoters, 1 longtail, and a buffle head. We had a blast and John left with 2 beautiful trophys of a lifetme.

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    Clayton Bolton

    Never hunted salt ducks. Lots of puddle ducks and Canadas though. I do see some Buff heads now and them, but don’t ’em take very often, just not a fan of their taste.


    Scott Walsh

    Very Nice! Always wanted to try a sea duck hunt. How do they taste?


    Not the best eatting duck. I mix them up with deer, elk, bear, and make Pepperoni



    Like to see this post and your last comment about making Pepperoni with such a mix of wildlife.  That’s great!  Sometimes you can make even the worst tasting wildlife better by adding something to it.  I found that adding slab bacon to deer grind makes it sooo much better.  Enough so, that my wife will even eat it.  That makes things much better in my life!




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