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    Redneck Ron

    I spent a few days ATVing the mountains around Silverton and Lake City Colorado.  This area has rich mining history both good and bad.  The hearty souls were not of the faint of heart.  The work was hard in Mountainous terrain, the living conditions were pour, wages were low and the company took advantage of those that hey could.  Tennessee Ernie Ford had it right the sound, “Sixteen Tons”.

    I borrowed the following from several small blurbs I found on the Subject.

    On May 14, 1899, the workforce at the Ute-Ulay mine was composed mostly of Italians.  Labor unrest was supposedly sparked by rumors that management intended to institute a policy of employing only white miners, excluding Italians who were considered non-white.  The single men were also required to live in the costly, company boarding house.  In March, a strike was called by eight of the Italian miners which I am assuming was the Henson Miners’ Union.  At the same time, the Lake City Armory was robbed and several rifles were taken.  Failing to reach a quick settlement and fearing violence, the Sheriff asked the Governor for help.  The Governor sent in four companies of infantrymen and two of cavalry.  The Italian Counsel went to Lake City to help negotiate a settlement and avoid bloodshed.  The strike was settled but the Italian strikers were fired and had to leave Hillsdale County.  Afterward, a newspaper ad for additional miners carried the message “Italians need not apply.”

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    Clayton Bolton

    Like the view Ron.


    Redneck Ron

    The area was absolutely great!!

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