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    Clayton Bolton

    Shoulda’ been a slam dunk. Its what I keep telling myself. Truth is, a morning full of “rookie” mistakes cost me a bird. One reason I’m addicted to huntin’ is no matter how many times I’m successful, I still get humbled by the quarry. Mistake #1: I couldn’t get as close to the roost tree as I planned. It was already getting light because I didn’t leave the house early enough. They were gobblin’ heavy in the roost and would have seen me before I got to my intended set up location. Mistake #2: I set up with very limited visibility in the direction the birds would be coming from. Mistake #3: after coyotes chased hens out of the plowed field, I concluded the hunt in this area was over. Mistake #4: I jumped up, grabbed the dekes and proceeded to head to the spot I wanted to be in earlier. As soon as I could see around the corner of the field, I spied two toms that somehow gave the coyotes the slip. But they spied me as well. Mistake #5: I concluded the hunt was over, again. Busted by the toms and still unable to see any distance, I once again stood up to move locations. By the time I saw the periscope in the tall grass just beyond my dekes, it was too late. Busted again! This time there was no way I’d have another chance with these birds. And that’s how the last day of turkey season went for me.

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    Turkey hunting is very interactive!  How many times has the turkey hunter slept just a few minutes too late?  Been there, done that.  I have gotten up early and set up too close before, and had them fly down over my head and sail across the field to safety.

    I cant tell you how many times in the past, that I have decided that the hunt was over, only to wish I had stay put.  It happens.  Wish you had more time.



    Clayton Bolton

    I brought a pair home during the 2nd week of the season from a forty acre chunk of private property. They were just too easy. Sat in a blind both days. Sun came up, birds flew out of the roost twenty yards right in front and bang. Then go pick up the kill. No decoys, and no real callin’. And… no real challenge. I got that AND an education on the last hunt.

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