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    Clayton Bolton

    Sometimes the “Traffic Lights of Life” are just not in our favor. Not always the big events that puts the brakes on, but the slow downs can be aggravating non-the-less. Two weeks of the flu bug running rampant through the house (and not all over yet) and my ‘puter gone to “blue screen” while down and out didn’t help my disposition. Nice to be back on line again. New ‘puter is good, but new op system will take a little gett’n used to. Got most of my stuff, like wireless printer on board, but still gonna take some time to set this one up like the old one. Light are yellow instead of red, but expect to turn green soon.



    So true……never know what will derail our normal life.  Glad you’re feeling better, and your computer is up and running.  I get a new work computer this week.  I go from windows 7 to windows 10……..I know there will be some pain involved.  LOL


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    Ron Carver

    May we all have more green lights than red ones in 2018

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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