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    USA Brother and Sisters,  There have been very a few post and really only a very few active members.  I am unsure how many USA members actually come here and viability of this staying alive.  Please chime in here to let others know of your opinion if the USA forums has reached the end of it’s life span?


    Ash McDaniel

    Facebook and twitter has really taken a toll on forums.  I still enjoy coming to this site and enjoy web forums.  I agree that it is really slow on here anymore, but I still hope we don’t lose the forums here at USA.


    Clayton Bolton

    There is certainly a lull in the traffic on here as far as posting goes. The “old” system used to keep track of visits to the posts so we could see all the traffic, even if someone didn’t leave a post. I miss that old system, but I get along with what we have now. I do believe the posts are being read frequently from looking at the “members” page and seeing when they visited the site last. I wish I knew how to encourage all to add their thoughts and adventures on here. One thing I am trying, is to “friend” every one I can, to make ’em all feel as welcome as possible.


    We appreciate your feedback guys!

    @60781712 (Redneck Ron) – Hopefully we all can collaborate to help keep our forums a viable source for sharing information between our fellow members. Thanks for sparking the conversation.

    @22103515 (Ash) – Thanks for the feedback! We are constantly looking for ways to engage with our new members and old members.

    @leghold (Clayton) – Tracking views is a great idea. Attached are two screenshots of the new update we just released to the website. So, now you can see those views moving forward. 🙂

    Also – feel free to quickly see the latest Activity by going here –


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    When I came on board to USA-I was asked to post often and stay around. I try to do that.  I know it is hard to breath life into something that is slowly dieing on the social media vine.  There is so much traffic on the other social media venues this stands little a chance in staying around in my humble opinion.  I am thinking the only to save the forums to streamline them and get rid of stuff that hasn’t had a post in years.  To elevate and reinvigorate the forum’s purpose.   Change things up and attempt to allow a more user friendly version of the forums.  Something has to happen because it is die slow death!!!  I really like see it change and come back to life!!!


    Clayton Bolton

    Love the new views count feature! Even though most members aren’t posting much, those that do post now know their posts are being viewed


    Showing the views just reinforces what I am saying-there is not much happening here but only for a dedicated Forum members.   There are 57 views to this thread and only 3 posted here.  Would some others members way in here on this subject-these forums are for all of us.  You are free to post here on USA forum and if post on a company facebook then you’re pushed side in small print.  Here you are not pushed side in small print.  This is where you outreach in the middle not some regulated small printed side shot on facebook.  I would think 100+ thousand members would way in here somewhat.


    I see this has been viewed a little bit over 100 times.  Does anybody have any thoughts other than those posted here besides 3 individuals and USA folk?  Would USA members post on this thread if somebody said, “there was a prize drawing for those posted ideas and thoughts here”?



    Facebook and Twitter has taken a toll on society it self. The direction in which most of America’s youth is going is far away from the outdoors. Every day I teach America’s future genaration my craft and it’s very sad to see how much technology has taken these kids from outside activities in general.


    I have to agree but there are upsides to it too.  I keep in contact with family and some friends that I normally would not have been able do to time, distance and the different directions we took in our lives.    What do you teach?



    I swing by now and then but it seems like not much ever changes. I’m old school and haven’t gotten into the social media thing of Facebook and such. Give me a place like this and I’m happy. Carry on.


    It does seems like it never does but some change is good.

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