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    Redneck Ron

    I got into a discussion with friend about Sportsmen and how upset I get when you have these experts in their field push products.  They are experts because it what they do for a living.  There is never an everyday sportsmen on Cabelas, Bass Pro shop or the like.  What does Union Sportsmen or Sportswomen look like where you’re from?


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    SIGH (Big time),


    I have always contemplated this same question.  Right or wrong, we have our own opinions……that is our rights as Americans.

    This organization is not the Sportsmens Alliance, it is the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance.  Therefore, I feel that there is a union factor that should prevail with this organization.  The belief that “together, we are stronger” rings true to me……you?  Labor is being attacked right now.  If you don’t see this, you are blind.

    The question is…..will this organization die on the vine, or will Union tenacity prevail?  When National Right To Work is introduced, and our livelihood (not our outdoor traditions) are in jeopardy…..Will the “UNION” portion of the “Union Sportsmens Alliance” prevail?

    I guess you might have figured out how this “Union Sportsman” looks like.  Honestly Ron…..Im just trying to figure my way through life like anyone else.  You asked……and this is my opinion.


    Redneck Ron

    I am sad to say a lot of my fellow Union brothers and sisters are not outdoor enthusiast. The few are mostly into the camping and a little into fishing and/or hunting.

    We are granted with a lot of public land in New Mexico. I think it is roughly 48 to 49 percent of the state is public land.  So, most of the outdoor recreation takes place on millions of acres of public land.

    I don’t know many that are Union Sportsmen’s Alliance members but there are a few. I have spoken as a volunteer on the behalf of Union Sportsmen’s Alliance at the annual New Mexico AFL-CIO convention.  I think I have been successful in sharing USA’s message to take back to their union membership.

    My friend your opinion means alot to me

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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