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Shoot Now, Shoot Often
J. Guthrie Many of us consider ourselves practitioners of Quality Deer Management (QDM) and work hard to create healthy deer
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Pressure Cooker
J. Guthrie Think about the woods in June. The deer there have not seen, heard or smelled a human since
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Seeing is Believing: Sight Fishing
By Luke Clausen More often than not, bass fishing is an exercise in faith—faith in your knowledge to know the
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PFD’s and Safety Stop Switches – Boat Smart from The Start.
By Hank Parker An area of interest that has followed me during my career and one that I feel strongly
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Amazing Antlers
J. Guthrie Hunters have an absolute reverence for antlers, something that must have developed over thousands of years of chasing
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Opening Day Blues
J. Guthrie I could tell you where I was on the opening day of dove season, but seriously doubt you
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J. Guthrie Daylight was creeping over the horizon, bringing light to woods, and I was kicking myself. I had silently
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Top Ten Tips From BOATU.S. for Getting the Most from a Tank Of Gas 1. Leave the extra ‘junk’ home: Don’t load the boat up with weight you don’t need. Do a little
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Ground Blind Basics
Ground Blind Basics Lee J. Hoots You don’t have to climb a tree to ambush a deer. Many big bucks
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