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    In 2012, I bought a 110 acre lot that abuts my dads hunting property.  Though I have hunted this property for many years…..I really haven’t had a lot of time to step back and take a good look.  Recently I had a day that I could play hooky from work and I took some time to walk the property.  I was looking for deer activity, but I came across an…[Read more]

  • Always nice to get out into the woods regardless of the “residents” cooperating.  Deer season starts in a few weeks here in Maine.  I’ve only had a few days to get prepared.  I guess my work has been getting in the way.  You taking those shots with a timer on your camera?  Nice selfies.


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    This happened the other day……..ironically, Lori and I live in Winslow too.  I didn’t know this guy, but truly heartbreaking and exactly why we feel lucky that we missed that bull standing in the middle of the road.

    Moose crash kills Winslow man on I-95 in Medway

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    Though I have certainly not been the most active member of our forums, I need to say to all our members………please pay attention to road signs even if they seem inappropriate.  Recently, I was traveling in Northern Maine (which I travel frequently) without incident.  Road signs warn of moose collisions.  Because I travel this road a lot, wi…[Read more]

  • Anytime I hear that “my father” and “my son” are in the same sentence, I perk up.  Those photos are awesome, but I’m sure the experience for the 3 of you was stellar, and that your “son” and “grandson (maybe granddaughter)” will continue your family legacy for the outdoor tradition.


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    I know many folks who have put up game cams and other surveillance.  It sucks that we have to bother.  I have a good friend who has a cottage on a secluded lake that put a couple game cams up after several burglaries.  He put one, ten feet up in a tree looking down.  That one got stolen!  Problem for the thief……he missed the one in plain sigh…[Read more]

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    I got to spend the day fishing with my dad.  I cherish every moment.  Thanks for sharing your stories.  Knowing that folks like you (who I have tremendous respect) do not have their dads today, breaks my heart.


  • Have been MIA lately, but holy shit! I’m surprised you didn’t take the cat out on the porch with your shotgun and said “pull”.  Glad you pardoned it, and are still married…LOL.  I’m kidding really…..I love my kitties.

  • Scott, I remember the facebook posts of your deer hunting with your boy.  I remember that his buck was a lot like my first.  I do not, however, remember you saying anything about your health.  My doctor has told me that the warranty runs out after 40. My grandfather passed at the age of 52.  Ray Staggs really put genetics in pers…[Read more]

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    I follow you on facebook brother…..along with the unionsportsmens alliance and anyone else that matters.  Ive always said that the old forum platform served us better.  There was a time that there were 25 or more posting on here.  It’s too bad that it has gone to the wayside.  Lets try to keep this thing going.


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    The onion soup backstrap is actually one of my favorites.  Never have been much of a duck hunter.  Ill bet it is delicious though.  I always wonder if the folks who buy their meat in the stores know what they’re missing.  Certainly the pride in knowing where their meal came from.


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    Thanks guys…….this seems like “groundhog days” but I honestly feel that my time is coming.  I have been lucky enough to have been on a couple nice moose hunts with buddies who have been chosen.  I guess there is nothing like pulling the trigger on Bullwinkle……but having moose meat in the freezer is very nice.  I will let you all know if it…[Read more]

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    My Maine Moose application:

    Thank you for using the online Maine Moose Permit Lottery Application Service.
    Your confirmation number is 166883. Please print this page for your records.

    The cost of your Moose Lottery application is 15.00. If you paid by credit card,
    the charge will appear on your statement as Maine Gov’t Services.

    Be sure to…[Read more]

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    So true……never know what will derail our normal life.  Glad you’re feeling better, and your computer is up and running.  I get a new work computer this week.  I go from windows 7 to windows 10……..I know there will be some pain involved.  LOL


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    A wonderful personal accomplishment and a “hats off” to the USA for bringing such talent to the organization.

  • This buck was killed in the Allagash region of Northern Maine.  Although I cant confirm to date, this buck is expected to be a state record 8 point.  I cant imagine what was going through the mind of the hunter before he squeezed the trigger!


  • Conditions never dictate to the true sportsman.  We all understand that mother nature may have the upper hand, but we are resilient, and will work with her to satisfy our outdoor heritage.  Weather, temperature, or unsettled conditions should never dictate how we live our lives.


  • Hey everyone!

    Just a friendly reminder to stay safe out there during hunting season.  We just had a fatality here in Maine because a hunter mis-identified his target.  Always remember that just because it is hunting season, there are still other folks out in the woods and on the water trying to enjoy their own recreation.  This woman was on he…[Read more]

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    Very nice!  I would say the majority of my bucks were killed in the morning, but I have been in your shoes, after a last minute buck.  They are special.  Looks like good eating too brother!

    My hunt will be in November.  Dad says he is coming to camp with me! Every year he says its his last……Cant wait!



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    June 10th is special to me because it is my birthday, but beyond that….it will be forever a date in your families history.  I look at the pictures provided and will give my thoughts.

    Obviously, she is beautiful, and a catch for the lowest of our standards of outdoorsmen.  That being said…..your son is at the top of that standard.  I hope th…[Read more]

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