Save Money by Making Your Own Chum

Capt. Gary Morin, IAFF 146

ring_island_175x175Chum is an effective and proven method of bringing in game or bait fish, but anyone who has paid for chum knows how expensive it can get.  So don’t pay for it.  After each trip, most saltwater anglers have leftover bait like partially frozen mackerel, herring, dead sea worms, defrosted sea clams and shrimp. Instead of discarding it or giving it away, grind it up as chum, freeze it in a Ziploc bag or sealed container and use it for a future fishing trip.  Hand grinders can be purchased at most hardware stores, bait suppliers and online.  You can get a grinder designed for bait or a relatively inexpensive grinder for making sausage.  I have a bait freezer and save all my discarded bait during the season and grind it down at the end of the season. When the mackerel run starts in the spring, I am ready to go.

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