Sqwincher Partners with USA to Tackle Dehydration

Every day, an average adult loses about 10 cups of water simply by breathing, sweating and eliminating waste, according to the Mayo Clinic. Yet data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys shows that the average American drinks a little more than 4 cups of water per day. So it’s no wonder dehydration is the number one cause of afternoon fatigue and the source of $5.5 billion in annual health care costs.

Dehydration is a serious matter, especially for those in labor-intensive and potentially dangerous jobs. In fact, losing just 1-2% of body weight in water can reduce the ability to concentrate and perform physically. Industrial work is much harder on the body and mind, and workers need something extra to keep them on their feet. That something extra is exactly what Sqwincher Corporation provides.

Sqwincher_275Sqwincher got its start in 1975 when founder Mack Howard sought to develop a healthier alternative to Gatorade with more potassium and less sodium. Today, the Sqwincher formula goes beyond quenching thirst to deliver rehydration for the toughest working conditions through innovative dispensing methods including premixed cans or bottles, powder packs for water coolers, liquid concentrate, electrolyte chews and even frozen Sqweeze pops in a variety of flavors. Sqwincher is specially designed for the athletes of industry with special formulas for workers who suffer from hypertension, diabetes and similar health issues.

It was a shared focus on America’s hardworking union men and women that lead Sqwincher to partner with the USA in 2015.

“When we learned about the USA, it was a natural fit – a very easy decision,” said Bubba Wolford, Sqwincher director of corporate accounts. “Your members are our customers. About 95% of our business is done through the industrial construction sector; we do not sell product retail. We want unions to know that we support them. … Our number one goal is to have every man and woman on the jobsite get home to their families.”

Work isn’t the only situation when staying hydrated and alert is important. Many union members spend their free time hunting, fishing or busting clays on the shooting course, and drinking enough quality liquid to stay fueled is not always top of mind. That’s why you will now see Sqwincher hydration stations dotting the course at USA sporting clays shoots and other events.

Sqwincher_275_2“Sqwincher Corporation isn’t a company that just produces products. They offer hydration programs designed to keep industrial workers – our members – safe, and that’s why we are so proud of this partnership,” said USA Deputy Director Mike d’Oliveira. “From their support of our union-dedicated TV show, Brotherhood Outdoors, to our shoots, dinners and conservation program, Sqwincher’s level of commitment to the USA and its members is apparent. Wherever we are, they are.”

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  1. The facility that I worked at for 27 years has historically had hydration issues because of high temperatures in the summer reaching 110 degrees + on worst days. Working in those temps for prolonged periods of times obviously is an issue. With the help of our joint union/ management safety committee, we brought in a hydration program which included Sqwincher. The Sqwincher fluids and Icicle Pops are a big hit with our union members, and we have seen a dramatic reduction in heat stress and fatigue. A partnership with the Union Sportsmens Alliance is just a plus. Thanks for making a product that works for working folks across the U.S.

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