Swagger Bipods 40% Discount (Limited Time)

No firearm can be shot accurately if it’s moving, and a solid base at the moment of the shot is imperative to putting the bullet onto its mark consistently. Swagger Bipods take a different approach to helping long gun shooters become more stable for the moment of truth. The legs utilize a shock cord system that retracts into the base of the bipod, minimizing the bulk of the bipod but keeping the legs accessible at a moment’s notice. The bipods offer a greater range of motion than traditional units and can be adapted for any terrain in any situation—whether being used prone, sitting or standing. Swagger Bipods offers two versions. The Field Model weighs in at 23.6 ounces and lists its most effective range as 6 ¾ inches to 29 inches. The Treestand/Blind Model weighs 25.78 ounces and lists 9 ¾ inches to 41 ¼ inches as its most effective range.


Swagger is proud to offer USA members a 40% discount on online purchases through December 31, 2017. Limit one bipod per user, max. spend of $439.97.

Exclusive USA Member Discount Code: shootwithconfidence

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