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Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Takes Steps to Battle COVID-19

March 23, 2020 in Conservation News, General, Press Release, Work Boots On The Ground

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is rescheduling events, modifying infrastructure project workdays and developing new conservation and community service options. Pictured, volunteers in action last week building a public pavilion at Smith Lake, Alabama.

The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is adjusting its national lineup of conservation dinners, shoots, youth outreach events and Work Boots on the Ground projects based on Centers for Disease Control guidelines aimed at slowing the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Effective immediately, all USA shoots, dinners and community outreach events scheduled through April are being rescheduled. Volunteer work days related to habitat, public access and infrastructure projects are being modified on a case-by-case basis to minimize health risks in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and recommendations.

Since many state conservation agencies are encouraging the public to continue enjoying their state’s natural resources, the USA is also developing opportunities for volunteers to practice social distancing while engaging in personalized conservation and mentorship efforts. USA members and partners should check regularly for updates.

“The health and welfare of the American people is paramount. We want to make certain we do everything in our power to keep them safe and healthy, especially our senior citizens and those with pre-existing health conditions,” said USA CEO and Executive Director Scott Vance. “We are thankful for our union brothers and sisters who represent the front line in keeping America’s infrastructure intact and citizens safe as together we overcome the ever-changing challenges presented by COVID-19.”

“Toward that end, we are working with local organizers, volunteers and other partners to reschedule events and restructure our approach to fundraising and uniting the union community for conservation,” he continued. “We are exploring all options during this crisis to continue to be a powerful force for conservation and community service.  Please remain engaged through our social media and website to learn how you can help.”

Vance thanked the USA’s charter unions, corporate partners and 290,000-plus members for their unwavering support in meeting all challenges presented by COVID-19. “Their commitment ensures our continued ability to harness the time and talents of union volunteers to enhance all Americans’ ability to enjoy the healing powers of the great outdoors, and help safeguard our outdoor heritage for generations to come. When this crisis is over we need to be ready to work harder than ever before for the future of conservation and to help our union brothers and sisters recover from this unfortunate situation,” he said.