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  • You want to better connect with and engage your members.
  • Tons of your members hunt, fish, shoot, and love the outdoors.
The USA is where Unions meet the Outdoors.


“UAW Local 1268’s Sportsmen’s Committee is always raising money to support local charities and benefit our membership by keeping costs at our events low. After becoming a USA Partner Local, we received an arrangement of products, which we used as prizes and giveaways at our annual Big Buck Banquet and Wild Game Feed to raise funds. The program literally paid for itself. Think about bringing people together, think about making people smile, think about giving back to your community, think about becoming a Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Partner Local.”
– Aaron Burns, UAW local 1268 Sportsmen’s Committee Chairman

Ways to Utilize the Partner Local Program

  • Connect with their YOUR members on a lifestyle level and help build relationships.
  • Raise money for YOUR Local’s disaster relief fund, scholarship fund, or other valuable programs.
  • Raise money for charitable causes in your community.
  • Incentivize attendance to YOUR Local union meetings.
  • Provide great prizes for safety recognition, apprentice graduations, holiday parties, and anniversary events.
  • Incentivize attendance to YOUR Local union meetings and monthly dues payments.
  • Take advantage of the USA’s United Outdoors Conservation Fund, which matches up to $10,000 for local conservation projects and outreach events in YOUR community.

Grant Fund Details

How the Partner Local Program Works

Partner Local purchases desired point level and chooses packages that add up to points purchased.

Point System

Level Charter Non-Charter Points
Level A $2,500 $3,000 10,000
Level B $5,000 $6,000 20,000
Level C $10,000 $12,000 30,000
Level D $15,000 $17,500 40,000


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Download the Package Catalog

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Sam Phipps
USA Strategic Partnership Manager

“We knew the program would be attractive to our members as soon as we became aware of it, and it would be a perfect tool to raise money for our Disaster Relief Fund. The products that came with the package were auctioned at our annual seminar dinner, and the proceeds provided a substantial boost to the fund.”
– Brian Dunn, UA Local 669 Business Manager