The Crushable Vault | $100 off

Our objective was to help sportsmen protect their guns while they are away from the safety of their home. To be effective, we had to offer a hassle-free experience.

At Stack Arms, we understand that people are very particular about their gun cases, and we see no reason to change what has been working well for them. A good gun case provides excellent protection from dents and scratches during travel – but what was needed was a better method of securing these gun cases during points of transit. At Stack Arms, we developed the Crushable Vault to secure your guns – from the time they leave your vault at home to the time you are ready to use them. That is the promise we make to our customers.

Our systems accommodate most existing gun cases but have been designed with the Americase and Negrini cases in mind. Our systems are flexible, crushable and, most important, easy to use. They can be configured to fit virtually any vehicle while offering an unsurpassed level of security. They can also be secured to any fixed point, including in your hotel room. Learn more at

With an MSRP of $698, USA members can purchase the Crushable Vault for $598 – a savings of $100.

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