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Many an unprepared hunter has gone home empty handed or disappointed when the taxidermist couldn’t do anything with their prized deer because it was spoiled or damaged. Bacteria can thrive when exposed to elements like heat and water, which can render a skin completely unusable.  The trick is to be prepared.

Created by USA and IBEW Local 479 member Brian Hicks, Trophy Totes™ is a soft-sided cooler designed to transport the head and cape of an animal from the place of harvest to the taxidermist. Featuring flaps that seal around the base of the antlers to shield it from heat and lock in the cold, it protects your trophy until its final preservation.  Plus, it’s designed so it can be used as a regular cooler when not transporting your trophy. Patterned with the latest Mossy Oak camouflage, Trophy Totes™ are handmade in the U.S. with the highest quality materials to ensure a beautiful mount on your wall.  Trophy Totes is proud to offer USA members a 10% discount on all online purchases.

How To Use Your Discount

To take advantage of this offer, use the code USA in the Apply Coupon section of the checkout page.

Exclusive USA Members Discount Code: USA

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