U.S. Made Father’s Day Gift Guide

Help support the U.S. economy with some fantastic U.S. made outdoor gear! We’ve done the research for you and will continue adding to this list until Father’s Day.

Ascend 128T Kayak

The sit-on-top style Ascend 128T is a big, tough, versatile kayak designed to give serious anglers exceptional stability. At 12 feet, 8 inches long with a 33-inch beam, the 96-pound 128T is a sizeable fishing platform flush with features that let you customize storage and accessories to suit your fishing style. Rated for 350 pounds, the heavy-duty kayak sports a roto-molded tunnel hull, wide transom and flared bow that boost durability, stability and performance. The 128T also offers a deluxe, removable seating system for all-day comfort, while the non-slip, padded casting deck and pull-up assist strap make it equally easy to stand and fish.

The kayak features a 12-volt Yak-Power system complete with wiring harness, master controller and three ports for lights, fishing electronics and easy GoPro or smartphone charging. Added amenities include recessed bow and stern open-storage areas with flush-mounted bungees; port and starboard accessory rails; midship and aft watertight storage; eight scupper drains; adjustable foot braces; and bow and stern carry handles. MSRP $799.99

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Berkley Gulp! Nightcrawler

Berkley’s Gulp! Nightcrawler offers fish-catching scent, flavor and action without the hassle of live bait. Deadly on bass, walleyes and other gamefish, the supple softbait shines in a variety of presentations when rigged on jigs, spinners, harnesses and weedless hooks. It’s part of a massive family of Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! products developed after decades of research in Berkley’s Spirit Lake, Iowa, headquarters. Gulp! was introduced in 2003 and is still proudly made by skilled American workers. Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! are similar, except Gulp! Alive! is packed in natural juices that constantly enhance its power of attraction.

Like other Gulp! products, the Gulp! Nightcrawler floods the strike zone with water-soluble, seductive scents that attract fish to the bait, making it ideal for slow-moving or sedentary presentations—particularly in low-visibility conditions. For faster tactics in clearer water, consider the company’s PowerBait lineup, which features built-in flavors that make fish hang on longer after striking. The Gulp! Nightcrawler stretches six inches long, comes in six catchy colors and is sold in bags of 10.  MSRP $5.99

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Thorogood American Heritage – 8-inch Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge

USA Strategic Partnerships Manager Sam Phipps is also union pipefitter. In his experience, this member of Thorogood’s legendary American Heritage Moc Toe series is “by far, the most popular boot on the jobsite.” And for good reason; they are made in the U.S.A. by union workers who understand that specialized jobs require specialized boots.

Featuring a removable, shock-absorbing footbed on a Poron comfort-cushion insole, they are “one of the most comfortable boots I’ve owned in my entire life, right out of the box,” Phipps said. Customer reviews—many by union workers who spend all day on their feet—echo that sentiment. The boots feature a MAXWear wedge slip-resistant outsole and steel safety toe yet remain surprisingly lightweight. Waterproof options are also available. Thanks to their Goodyear storm welt construction, these best-selling boots can be re-soled when they do finally wear out. Available in Trail Crazyhorse or Tobacco. MSRP $215

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Remington Model 870 SPS Super Mag Turkey Predator w/ScopeFew shotguns are more renowned than the Remington 870 pump. In preparation for the National Wild Turkey Federation convention a decade or so ago, a team from Remington—including the USA’s Director of Sales and Marketing Jay Stuart—built a compact, light-weight 870 platform specifically for turkey hunting.

The gun’s 20-inch barrel makes it highly maneuverable for times when you have to run and gun and comfortable for putting in lots of miles. Its ShurShot® pistol grip stock with grip-enhancing overmolds provides a rock-steady hold even in humid conditions or morning dew. Its TruGlo® red/green selectable illuminated sight provides optimal options for morning or afternoon light.

Featuring a competition-style spring trigger system, the Super Mag Turkey Predator has devastating implications for birds 30-40 yards out as well as predators that close the distance.

The gun handles 2 ¾”, 3” and 3 ½” shells for a wide range of ammo choices and comes set up with a Wingmaster HD™ Turkey/Predator Rem™ choke. The turkey-slayer is decked out in Mossy Oak Obsession camo to keep you hidden from sharp-eyed toms. Starting at $710 MSRP

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Zink Nothing But Green Polycarb

The Zink Nothing But Green Polycarb is a budget-conscious option for the dedicated mallard hunter. It produces the natural sounds that made Zink famous, but at a price that’s much less stressful on your wallet.

As the name suggests, this is a polycarbonate call. Polycarbonites are easily worked, easy to mold and can even be brilliantly transparent. While they lack some of the visual punch of acrylics, they’re much less expensive. And it is very hard to tell the difference between the sounds of the two.

The Nothing But Green Polycarb is a great call for beginners, thanks to Zink’s “easy blow sound system.” This is a single reed call with a Z-cut tone channel to eliminate reed lock. For those looking for a call with excellent range (crucial for pulling in mallards), this is it. And the Nothing But Green Polycarb can sound like a bevy of hens, which will drive an alpha mallard nuts. MSRP $139.99

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Lone Wolf Hang-On Treestands

Lone Wolf’s Alhpa and Assault hang-on stands are light enough to pack in with the rest of your gear, yet solid enough to hold you secure while you line up your shot. They’re purpose built with coatings that absorb light and dampen sound, are fast to set-up, and offer a 6-point fall arrest system to keep you in the tree when the adrenaline of the hunt ramps up.

The Alpha II, at 14 pounds, can handle adults up to 350 pounds. The seat is self-leveling, making it comfortable for those long slow hours in the woods. Despite its weight ratings and comfortable size, the Alpha II can be attached to trunks as thin as 4 inches across.  $259.99

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The Assault II, weighing in at 11 pounds, is even more mobile. This is the lightest of Lone Wolf’s stands and is small enough to fit in tight spots where most stands can’t go. Fast, light, and quiet, the Assault II is perfect for long hikes and high climbs. The flexibility offered means almost any tree under 22” in diameter will work.  MSRP $249.99

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Veteran Innovative Products The Veteran

The Veteran is marketed as the first no-fail mechanical broadhead because it has eliminated all the problems associated with a fixed or mechanical design while embracing the benefits of both. The 100 grain broadhead features two scalpel sharp blades and a unique tip.

What makes this broadhead different is that it functions as a fixed blade broadhead with a blade width of 1.25 inches before it fully opens to 2.5 inches. No matter how the head functions, the width is legal in most states. Penetration is assured with the tip extending in front of the blades, with the blade lock ring at the rear. The lock ring is held under tension with a 4-pound spring keeping the blades cocked. A 10-pound spring inside the head drives the blades to the fully open position when the lock ring is pushed to the rear on contact with the animal. The tip creates a 1.25-inch wound channel before blade deployment. That’s what makes it a no-fail broadhead; the blades cut whether deployed or cocked. The tip is unique because it creates air turbulence over the blades, which reduces the chance of planing. This in turn keeps the point of impact the same with field points at extended ranges of 60+ yards. MSRP $45 for a 3-pack

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Carhartt Precision Fit Custom Seat Covers

Carhartt may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for seat covers, but it should. Carhartt’s Precision Fit Custom Seat Covers are made of 12 oz. Duck fabric with a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) coating. They are attached directly to the seat frame with fabric straps and side release buckles or J-hooks. Water, mud, coffee, blood (my own), entrails (elk, not mine), grease (petroleum, pizza, chicken) and BBQ sauce—I’ve spilled it all, and these are the best seat covers I’ve installed in any of my trucks.

They don’t stain, and they are easy to install right from the box with minimal interaction with the instruction sheet.  Because they are attached with straps or J-hooks, they don’t tear the seat bottoms like cheaper seat covers. Plus, they are very easy to take off and throw in the washer. Then just hang them to dry and reinstall. No surprises or issues! They are available in two colors, the brown all Carhartt fans are familiar with and Carhartt Gravel. Use a simple drop-down menu to order the covers custom fit to your vehicle, starting at $358.

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Plano Waterproof Stowaway

Available in six sizes, Plano Waterproof Stowaways are the toughest tackle boxes available, making them ideal for fishing tackle—and many other uses. All sizes have in common a waterproof gasket, Plano’s patented Dri-Loc O-ring and three tight sealing cam-action latches and clear plastic viewing windows.

The huge advantage of these boxes over anything else on the market is that once latched shut, they do not spill—no fish hooks in the boat carpet, no gear scattered in the truck. MSRP: $6 to $32 depending on size, divider options and vendor.

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Triclawps Shooting Rest

Hunting the western U.S. requires long hours of glassing with binoculars and spotting scopes on a tripod to find animals. With Triclawps, you can attach a rifle to the same tripod. The Triclawps Double Cam and Solo models fit all rifles and can be left attached to the rifle. Since the tripod is already positioned, the transition to your rifle is easy with little searching to reacquire your target.

Hunting East or West, the Triclawps will make you a better shooter and hunter. The Triclawps Solo retails for $99.99 while the Double Cap rings in at $149.99. Both come with a lifetime, no conditions warranty.

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