Union Insurance Group Receives USA Diamond Life Corporate Achievement Award

UIG is a longtime supporter of the USA’s shooting tour, conservation dinners and other events.

The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) proudly announces that founding partner Union Insurance Group (UIG) of Chicago, Illinois, has received the organization’s prestigious Diamond Life Corporate Achievement Award.

The award is presented to industry partners and other allies that surpass the $1 million donor mark in supporting the USA’s mission to unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage.

UIG President Chris DeCaigny

“From the very beginning, UIG has been a great founding partner in the truest sense of these words,” said USA CEO & Executive Director Scott Vance. “UIG President Chris DeCaigny and Vice President Brad Spiess have led by great example, and the entire UIG staff has followed their lead. They have specialized in seeing needs this organization has, then stepping up to help provide solutions to fulfill our mission.”

Along with providing financial support for the USA’s shooting tour, conservation dinners and other events, UIG has also taken a “helpful, hands-on position,” Vance added, “by sending representatives to many of those same events.”

“For three years, UIG staff members have traveled at UIG’s expense to nearly every one of our dinners and shoots,” explained USA Director of Union Relations Walt Ingram. “They have been on site from set-up to tear-down. Having extra sets of experienced hands has made a big difference at individual events and benefited the entire conservation dinner program.”

“Supporting the Labor Movement is profoundly important to Union Insurance Group,” said DeCaigny, “And we are honored to receive this award from the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, which does so much for, and with, America’s labor organizations to help protect and restore our natural environment. From the very beginning, we’ve always strongly believed in the collective power of unions to make an enormous impact on preserving our great land by carrying out the mission of the USA.”

“Without a doubt,” Ingram concluded, “UIG has been a faithful and loyal partner to the USA, and we look forward to many more years of great success working together.”

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