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2020 UAW Calendar (Bulk)


Do your part to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage by making a donation to support the USA’s mission. To show our appreciation, we’ll send you the USA-UAW 2019 calendar, which is a great way to get entered in the USA’s 2-Guns-A-Week Sweepstakes.

Unions/Partners can also use the calendar to raise funds for worthy causes. Donate $2,500 to the USA, and we’ll send you 100 calendars or donate $1,250 and we’ll send you 50 calendars, which can be sold for a suggested retail price of $35 to raise $10 per calendar. Plus, you will receive a Remington 870 shotgun or Savage M110 Hunter rifle (your choice) and one entry in a drawing for a Textron Stampede UTV for every 50 calendars you receive.


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