Become a USA Partner

Thanks to the support of the AFL-CIO and its affiliated unions, the USA is able to reach approximately 16 million active and retired union members through various, and sometimes exclusive, marketing channels including the following:

Union Publications: The USA provides the opportunity for exclusive access in various union publications where traditional advertising is not accepted.

The Union Sportsmen’s Journal: With a distribution of approximately 126,000, the USA’s quarterly magazine provides an avenue to connect with union members at home and at their job site.

USA Events: USA shooting events and dinners across the country provide partner recognition through participation, signage, mentions and product placement.

USA & Union Websites: the USA has a dynamic website that provides numerous opportunities for exposure.  The USA can also extend partner reach on various union websites.

National Television Series: The USA’s award-winning TV show, Brotherhood Outdoors, airs year-round on Sportsman Channel and has a strong following of loyal union viewers.

USA Partners Summit: USA’s annual gathering of its Board of Directors, staff and strategic partners provides an opportunity to build relationships and explore mutual growth.

Union Conventions: The USA has a strong presence at union conventions that annually attract thousands of members.  These functions have restricted access, but the USA proudly integrates corporate partners.

USA Special Promotions: The USA runs an ongoing series of member promotions and giveaways, allowing partners to create excitement and extend their presence with a valuable targeted audience.

For more information about these opportunities, contact USA Director of Sales and Marketing, Jay Stuart at 336-339-1968 or

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