As a non-profit organization with a small staff and limited resources, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance depends on dedicated volunteers to help educate future generations of sportsmen and women, conserve wildlife habitat and improve access to quality places to hunt, fish and shoot. Everyone comes to the table with different skills, knowledge, abilities and resources, and we have a variety of opportunities through which you can get involved to support the USA’s conservation mission:

Work Boots on the Ground Projects

USA’s Work Boots on the Ground program brings together skilled union members for hands-on conservation projects such as rebuilding a hiking trail bridge, building pheasant transport boxes, planting native plant species at a local wetlands, and providing hands-on fishing or shooting instruction for youth. We need volunteers not only get involved in upcoming Boots on the Ground projects but also to help organize or coordinate new ones. Click here to learn more about Work Boots on the Ground.

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USA Dinners

USA dinners raise funds to support Boots on the Ground projects while helping establish committees to coordinate those projects. Volunteers perform key roles in helping make those dinners successful, such securing donations and table sponsorships, setting up and tearing down tables, taking photos, handling ticket sales for gun raffles and silent auctions and assembling firearms.  If you’re interested in volunteering at an upcoming USA dinner or helping organize one in your area, contact Walt Ingram at 740-542-0470 or walti@unionsportsmen.org. or Kevin Grubbs at 757-615-7815 or keving@unionsportsmen.org.

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Promoting the USA

With more than six million AFL-CIO union members who hunt and/or fish, we need help spreading the word about the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance and recruiting more members into this union-dedicated community.  If you’d like applications or other USA materials to pass out at your next union meeting or at work, contact USA membership services at 877-872-2211 (toll-free) or membership@unionsportsmen.org.

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