The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is proud to enjoy the support of many of America’s leading AFL-CIO trade unions and corporate sponsors, many of which are industry leaders. Our partners believe in the USA’s mission, recognize the value of union sportsmen and women uniting for conservation and help bring value to USA members.

Partner Spotlight

A Natural Fit: USA Welcomes Remington as a National Partner

remington_logo-greenAs the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance continues to grow, we are motivated and humbled by the increased level of support from our union and corporate partners. It is through their commitment that we are able to successfully carry out our mission and make a lasting impact on conservation.

This year, we are very proud to announce our new partnership with Remington Arms. Approaching its 200 year anniversary, Remington is a true American company. Since its beginnings in upstate New York in 1816, Remington has seen tremendous growth with its iconic products and maintained a dedication to conservation.

“The USA is extremely proud and fortunate to partner with such a renowned brand in the outdoors industry,” said USA Executive Director Fred Myers. “Many of Remington’s products are USA and union made, and the company’s shared dedication to conservation is a natural fit for USA’s mission and programs.”

Spanning multiple generations, Remington’s product line includes many iconic and admired firearms. Their well-known model 700 is the world’s best selling bolt action rifle in history and, since the Vietnam War, it has been used as the premiere variant of the U.S. sniper system. And the venerable 870 is used not only by sportsmen but also by law enforcement and U.S. military.

“Remington has an incredibly proud U.S. heritage. Since the company was founded almost 200 years ago, we have been providing good-paying American jobs,” said Remington CEO George Kallitides. “At the peak of WW2, we had 20,000 people working for us in our upstate NY manufacturing facility where we are represented by the United Mine Workers. Because of their representation, we have an incredibly strong and qualified workforce there. Furthering our pride, every Remington product is made in the USA.”

Remington’s long-standing dedication to the future of our outdoor sports and conservation represent yet another common thread with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance. Remington has funded projects for youth education and involvement, and its employees devote their time and efforts to many other related causes.

Remington’s commitment to the American workforce and conservation make the company a truly great partner for the USA and the labor community, and their involvement and support of the USA will help us bring greater value to our members.

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