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Brotherhood Outdoors is a unique TV series of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance that showcases the talents and passions of everyday Americans as they set out on extraordinary hunting and fishing adventures across North America.

Throughout the series, dynamic host duo Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen are joined by hardworking union members who are whisked away on once-in-a-lifetime hunting or fishing trips…
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'On the Fly' in Labrador
Date: March 31, 2015
Description: An electrical worker from Maine, Steve Murray shows off his “dream of owning a fly fishing business come true” by inviting Brotherhood Outdoors co-hosts Daniel Lee and Julie to Riverkeep Lodge in Labrador Canada, where he introduces them to a variety of fish and the different techniques to catch them. Watch as Daniel Lee and Julie attempt to catch all five species of fish ‘on the fly’ when they encounter pike, landlocked salmon, lake trout, brook trout and whitefish.
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