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Brotherhood Outdoors is a unique TV series of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance that showcases the talents and passions of everyday Americans as they set out on extraordinary hunting and fishing adventures across North America.

Throughout the series, dynamic host duo Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen are joined by hardworking union members who are whisked away on once-in-a-lifetime hunting or fishing trips…
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Big Black Bears and an 1895 Winchester
Date: May 24, 2015
Description: Mark Spreadborough, a skilled HVAC mechanic and UA member from Kalama, WA, isn’t about to let a worn out u-joint on his truck keep him reaching Vancouver Island where he meets up with Brotherhood Outdoors co-hosts Daniel Lee Martin and Julie McQueen to hunt big black bears. Adding challenge to an already tough spot and stalk hunt, Mark attempts to kill a bear with the 1895 Winchester model .35 rifle that his great-grandfather used to kill a bear during the Depression era. Episode Photos

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