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You love watching the excitement of the hunt or the thrill of the catch unfold on outdoor TV. In fact, it might be the only thing that keeps you sane during the off-season or when you can’t be in the woods or on the water yourself.

Imagine being on the other side of the screen as a guest star on Brotherhood Outdoors and tuning in with your family and friends to watch your own adventure on national TV!

Brotherhood Outdoors puts the spotlight on union members who work hard to keep this country running, are dedicated to their family and union brothers and sisters, volunteer their time and talents to make a difference, and are passionate about the outdoors and passing on our hunting and fishing heritage. We are looking for union members like YOU!

The series portrays two kinds of adventure. In some episodes, the show’s host will take our union guest on an outfitted hunting or fishing trip in North America. In others, the tables will be turned as the union guest acts as the guide, taking our host to his or her favorite honey hole.

Whether you want to join the host for a guided hunting or fishing adventure OR show your union brothers and sisters and the rest of America that you’ve got the skill and experience to be the guide, get your application in today and be a star on Brotherhood Outdoors!

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