11 Activities to Get Your Family Outside for Great Outdoors Month

Great Outdoors Month

Summer is one of the best times to escape the indoors and connect with nature, and June just so happens to be Great Outdoors Month! We’ve compiled a list of various outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends, not only for Great Outdoors Month, but all summer long– so get ready for some summertime adventures!

11 Great Outdoors Month Activities:

Water SportsGreat Outdoors Month

Water sports are a great way to get outside and cool off on a hot summer day. Whether you have a small pond to yourself or want to go to the great big blue, there are multiple ways to get on the water. You can take it easy and canoe or kayak, or hop on a jet ski or tube and feel the adrenaline rush of flying over the water and waves. Fishing boats are another great way to get on the water, even if you turn it down a notch and just want to relax on the waves.

Great Outdoors MonthBiking

Biking is a family friendly activity that everyone can participate in. It’s also a great workout to keep you in shape for the upcoming hunting season—talk about an added bonus! There are multiple trails around the United States that also feature multiple terrains. Some will be paved and some will consist of dirt. Whichever you prefer to ride on, grab your bikes, round up your family and try viewing nature from two wheels for Great Outdoors Month!

PCamping Great Outdoors Month

Camping is an amazing way to get in tune with your true outdoors side. Our great country features some pretty incredible State and National Parks, and almost all of them offer some sort of camping. You’ll find places deep in the park that are compact and only have enough room to feature a tent, but you’ll also find campsites that are big enough for you to pull your fifth wheel camper into and set up a full campsite for a great trip with your family.

Pro tip! If you’re on a road trip, make sure to pack your tent! This will make for virtually endless car camping locations!

Great Outdoors MonthConservation

Caring about the well-being of America’s fish, wildlife and the lands and waters that support us all is something everyone who loves the great outdoors has in common. Participating in conservation efforts is one of our favorite Great Outdoors Month activities because it encourages us to escape the indoors and help preserve what we all love the most, the outdoors. There are many ways to volunteer for conservation. For example, you can clean up trash throughout a park, trail, beach or other body of water. A simpler example is to pick up any fishing line you find when you’re at your favorite fishing spot and recycle it at a nearby line recycling center, and if there isn’t one near you can always just put it in the trash can.

You can even work with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) to complete a conservation project with your union local. Our conservation program, brings together union members willing to volunteer their time and expertise to conservation projects that improve and enhance public access, wildlife habitat and outdoor experiences for communities across America. USA’s Work Boots on the Ground program works closely with federal, state and local agencies and other conservation groups to provide manpower needed to complete critical projects that may otherwise go undone.

Campfires Great Outdoors Month

Campfires are always an easy go to for anyone who wants to sit outside with their family and friends on a nice summer night. They can also get you to adventure into the wilderness to collect the wood you need for your fire and the sticks for everyone to cook their marshmallows later that night for a great snack. However it is always important to know the fire regulations in your area. Also make sure to build your campfire in a well ventilated area and to keep it enclosed so it doesn’t spread.

Great Outdoors MonthFishing

Fishing is an all time favorite outdoor sport for all of us at USA, during Great Outdoors Month AND the entire summer! There are so many species to fish for—it’s truly impossible to get bored! You can catch anything from river cats to giant bass and bluegill. Some State and National Parks are having free fishing days as well that can be found here.

If you’re at the beach on vacation and want to get out and see what the ocean has to challenge you with, just head to a pier and rent a pole. If you’re really dedicated you can always hire a guide to help you try to catch sharks, stingray, and other species you may not be used to in your neck of the woods.

Great Outdoors Month

Hiking is a very calm and relaxing outdoor activity that many enjoy, and your location choices are nearly endless—if you have enough space you can even go for a family hike on your own property! Many State and National Parks also have hiking trails already ready for you to go adventure on, and you could also take your own route of a trail and go deep into the wilderness, just make sure you don’t get lost! And always make sure to clean up the trails you venture onto to keep our great parks preserved and pristine.

Great Outdoors MonthHorseback Riding

Now you’re usually either a horse person—or you’re not. For those of us that love horseback riding, you never go back. If you have your own horses and enough land to really get out and ride, then you already have a great option to go get outside and enjoy the wilderness. If you want to load up the horses and head somewhere new, there are many parks that allow horseback riding. Some beaches even have designated horseback riding areas if you ever wanted to know the feeling of riding a horse down the beach with the sounds of the ocean in the background and waves at your side.

No horses? No problem! There are tons of places across the country that offer affordable horseback riding lessons and trail rides for the whole family. All you have to do is put in a little time to research your best options.

Hunting PreparationGreat Outdoors Month

Hunting preparation is a must for anyone who wants to have a great season next fall, but it’s also a great way to get outside and do something that can be fun and also productive. Head to your go to spot and set up your trail cameras to find out what’s spending time in your food plots and at your mineral stations.

When you get home, don’t forget to spend a little more time outside for Great Outdoors Month and shoot your bow. You may need to sight in your bow and make sure that your shot is still as good as it was last season, but hopefully you’ve been shooting routinely all year!

Great Outdoors MonthGeo-Caching

Geo-Caching is an interesting activity where you go outside and find containers that contain random objects that could have been put in the container by anyone. All you need to do to find these containers is download the geo-caching app on your smartphone, use your GPS to find the caches near you, and then share your findings on social media for everyone to see. You can even get your whole family involved in this fun outdoors activity. You never know where geo-caching will take you, so it helps to be up for anything!

Off-Roading Great Outdoors Month

Off-roading can be a great way to spend time with friends and family, and a good adrenaline rush for anyone who loves the outdoors. Anything from dirt bikes, ATVs, and even trucks can be used for this fun outdoors activity. Some parks even have trails for these vehicles and can be rented sometimes. If you have enough space in your own backyard you can even make your own trail. Just make sure you wear your helmet and are following any regulations listed for the area you’re enjoying this activity in.


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