Brotherhood Outdoors Field Producer Wins Outdoor Sportsman Award

Today Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) would like to thank and congratulate Brotherhood Outdoors’ lead field producer Lee VanDenBrink, who was just honored the 2018 Outdoor Sportsman Awards Production Crew MVP.

Nearly a year ago, USA enlisted outdoor television powerhouse Rusted Rooster Media to take over production of Brotherhood Outdoors. Rusted Rooster, founded and operated by brothers Chris and Casey Keefer, is the production house behind TV shows Sheep Shape and Dropped. The group produced nine original episodes of Brotherhood Outdoors for the third and fourth quarters of 2017, and will produce nine episodes in 2018. Rusted Rooster also works with industry giants such as Buck Knives, PSE and Winchester.

Brotherhood Outdoors takes real, hardworking, American union members – selected through an application process – on a hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime, while highlighting their home and work lives. The show gives viewers a look at everyday people on realistic excursions. The show also offers a glimpse of the USA’s conservation efforts, which are executed by an all-volunteer union labor force.

“Lee has been the Brotherhood Road warrior and the man behind the lens on most of our shoots last year,” said Brad Walch, Strategic Account Manager for Rusted Rooster. “He captures the story and makes sure the guests are having a good time! Since we had such a late start last season he was able to accomplish a lot in a very short window. Still keeps in touch with all of our guests and has done a great job for Brotherhood Outdoors.”

Lee captures the inspiring stories shared by hardworking Union Sportsmen’s Alliance members across the nation. Thanks to Lee’s undeniable work ethic and passion for storytelling, Brotherhood Outdoors shines a well-deserved spotlight on the men and women who are the backbone of this great country.

2 responses to Brotherhood Outdoors Field Producer Wins Outdoor Sportsman Award

  1. A wonderful personal accomplishment and a “hats off” to the USA for bringing such talent to the organization.

  2. Outstanding! I was one of the episodes of Brotherhood Outdoors in 2017. Lee and Rich Schultz were the camera crew for my episode. The best thing I could say is what I told them toward the end of the week. And that was that they had surprised me by not being stuck up and arrogant. And acting like they knew everything. That they were just regular guys with the job of making us feel relaxed and looking good. Lee said “just act like we are not even here” while he had a camera in my face. Right. Way to go Lee!

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