Union Sportsmen’s Alliance partners with Flambeau Outdoors

The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is proud to announce that it has partnered with Flambeau Outdoors – a longstanding industry leader in hunting and fishing storage, as well as decoys and hunting calls.brand-outdoors

“It is an honor to partner with the members of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance,” said Kim Norton, director of marketing, Flambeau. “As an outdoor sporting company with humble beginnings, connecting with the hardworking men and women of the USA was something we found invaluable. It is a terrific opportunity to share our products with them and to contribute to their conservation efforts, which ensure greater access to the outdoors for all.”

Flambeau traces its origins to back to 1947, when the Sauey brothers – W.R. and Ed – hand built a molding machine, which they used to create the Halik Frog, a topwater fishing lure. Since that time, the company has grown into one of the largest producers of hunting and fishing equipment, the majority of which it continues to manufacture in the U.S.

According to USA Deputy Director Mike d’Oliveira, Flambeau’s history of crafting high-quality outdoor gear and their dedication to U.S. manufacturing make partnering with them an easy decision.

“Flambeau has built a legacy out of hard work and love for hunting and fishing – a legacy that our members can certainly appreciate,” said d’Oliveira. “We are thrilled to have such a great partner in our pursuit of preserving North America’s outdoor heritage.”

Flambeau’s quality products will be featured and fully-integrated into the USA’s member promotions and will be used as raffle prizes and giveaway items at sporting clay shoots and dinners, which help raise funds for USA’s conservation projects. Flambeau will also be a product sponsor on Brotherhood Outdoors, the USA’s award-winning TV show on the Sportsman Channel.

“Flambeau has never lost its original spirit of innovation and continues to make many cutting edge products,” said Norton. “We hope these products will help USA members in their outdoor endeavors.”

Two of Flambeau’s most advanced products include Zerust, which is a formula injected into tackle storage plastic that forms a vapor barrier protecting metal tackle from corrosion, and UVision, which is a signature paint for waterfowl decoys. These products ensure that outdoor enthusiasts can make the most of their time hunting and fishing.

According to d’Oliveira, the generous contributions from partners like Flambeau and other great brands support the USA’s goal of uniting the millions of active and retired labor union members who hunt, fish, shoot and live an outdoor lifestyle.

For more information on corporate partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with the USA, email d’Oliveira at miked@unionsportsmen.org or call 615-831-6796.

About the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is a union-dedicated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose members hunt, fish, shoot and volunteer their skills for conservation. The USA is uniting the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage. For more information, visit www.unionsportsmen.org or connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Flambeau Outdoors: Flambeau, Inc. is a member of Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. Nordic Group (headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin) is a privately held holding company consisting of subsidiaries with 22 facilities, and 23 marketing units around the world with over 2,400 associates. Nordic Group companies manufacture and distribute plastic, seating and transportation products worldwide for industrial, commercial and consumer markets. Flambeau Outdoors, a division of Flambeau, Inc., is a widely recognized manufacturer of quality, innovative outdoor products for the hunting and fishing enthusiast.

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