USA Sees New Growth with Auto Workers and Utility Workers

Spring is a time of new growth. That held true for the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance when the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA)—together representing more than a million active and retired members—came on board in April and May as USA charter unions, joining the ranks of the AFL-CIO, BCTD and 10 other affiliate unions.

Charter unions provide strategic guidance and resources to support the USA’s mission to unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage.

(L-R) EricSorenson and Jim Henry of UAW Local 31at the USA's Kansas City Shoot

(L-R) Eric Sorenson and Jim Henry of UAW Local 31at the USA’s Kansas City Shoot

“We commend UAW and UWUA leadership for making sure their members who hunt, fish, shoot and recreate outdoors have an organization to call their own, and we hope additional AFL-CIO unions will follow their lead in 2015 to support our mission,” said USA Executive Director Fred Myers.

Thanks to the support the USA receives from the UAW and UWUA as charter unions, active and retired UAW and UWUA members are now eligible for a no-cost USA membership, which provides access to the USA’s online magazine, national promotions and giveaways, deals and discounts, members-only sections of the website and more.

“We know that many UAW members relax and unwind after a long week by hunting, fishing and simply spending time outdoors. We also know that’s how thousands of our retired members are spending their golden years,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “We’re proud to support an organization that helps our hardworking men and women enjoy the activities their passionate about.”

Dave Cole of UWUA Local 666 and his son, Tristan, on a Brotherhood Outdoors quail hunt.

Dave Cole of UWUA Local 666 and his son, Tristan, on a Brotherhood Outdoors quail hunt.

Many UAW and UWUA members and leaders have been active with the USA for years, participating in shoots, conservation dinners, Work Boots on the Ground projects, the USA’s gun-a-week calendar program and more. And in 2016, the USA’s outdoor TV series, Brotherhood Outdoors, will feature UWUA Local 666 member Dave Cole and his son on a Georgia quail hunt as well as UAW Local 838 member Aaron Heying on a New Mexico bear hunt.

“The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance gives union members the best of both worlds—it helps union brothers and sisters connect with one another outside of work, while also protecting natural resources,” said UWUA National President D. Michael Langford. “We are proud to support the USA’s efforts to protect America’s outdoor heritage and our members’ opportunities to recreate in the great outdoors.”

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