Rejuvenate a Gore-Tex Rain Jacket

Peter B. Mathiesen


Over time, your jacket absorbs dirt and pollutants reducing its ability to shed water. The jacket then starts absorbing moisture, preventing it from breathing.  Although it may not leak, you’re left feeling clammy and armed with the knowledge that you spent $250 or more on a premium raincoat that now functions like a rubber slicker.

To restore the garment, wash your jacket thoroughly with Sport-Wash from Atsko (the Snow-Seal guys). Don’t wash it in Tide, Cheer or detergents for delicate fabrics.Other detergents leave significant amounts of residue that impede the performance of the jacket. Once it’s clean, (wash it twice, if necessary) throw it into the dryer as hot as the manufacturer’s care label recommends. When it emerges from the dryer your jacket should perform like new.; 800-845-2728


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