Successful February Bass Fishing in the Southeast

Jamie Olive, IAFF 4103

haulin_bassFebruary is generally still cold but the fishing starts to heat up as the water begins to warm. When water temperatures crawl into the high 40s and low 50s, look for Largemouth (the big females that are full of eggs) to be on rocky points and rip-rap walls where the sun baked rocks make the water even a little warmer. These bass can be tempted into biting a variety of lures.

Spinnerbaits work well, especially in stained to muddy water. One of my favorite lures this time of year is a red/orange 1/2 oz lipless crankbait such as Strike King red eye shad. Retrieve the lure very quickly parallel to the rocky structure. This allows the bait to remain in the strike zone for the entire retrieve and entice a reaction strike. Jigs, shaky heads, senkos and Shad Raps are good choices as well.

Keep in mind that different parts of the country are very different; Largemouth are spawning in Florida and iced out in Minnesota in February. These tips are typical for my area of the southeast from Virginia to Georgia.

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